Anastasia Podlipskaya, Director of Sales/Marketing

Who She Is:

Anastasia is a Communications GURU that has dedicated the last 18 years to mastering language and understanding how both verbal and written communication can best be used to foster success in an entrepreneurial and small business setting.

Why She Is Qualified to Help You:

Originally from Yekaterinburg Russia, Anastasia received her Bachelor’s Degree in English-Russian Translation and worked as a translator for the Liberal Arts University for four years. Her complete fluency in English and Russian, coupled with her ability to read and comprehend both French and Czech, has established her as an expert in language and communication. While receiving her Master of Science in Entrepreneurship at Baruch College in NYC, she concentrated on applying her knowledge of communication to business, specific to the areas of industry research, digital marketing, and small business management.

Why You Need Her:

Although most of Anastasia’s time is spent helping connect with clients like you, she is integral in collecting and analyzing the research our GURUs need to provide the most comprehensive consultation in the industry. Her expertise in communication and digital marketing will help our clients develop and execute online campaigns that establish a local presence, develop name recognition, and ultimately drive top line revenue through car count and brand loyalty. This is a service that many others in this industry simply don’t provide.

What Sets Her Apart From The Rest:

Whereas other GURUs on our staff rely on decades of experience, Anastasia brings with her a fresh academic perspective. The discipline she established through years of language study and the structure of her research techniques provide our GURUs with a solid foundation to develop and execute the most comprehensive and lucrative consultation in the business.