Casey Bates, Director of Operations

Who He Is:

Casey is an Operations GURU who has extensive experience in actively consulting small business owners through the opening, operating, transitioning, and selling of their ventures; all with a focus on maximizing return.

Why He Is Qualified to Help You:

Casey has cultivated more than 10 years of experience in working with small to medium sized business owners. He spent more than a decade in the Financial Industry where he successfully assisted in the acquisition and transition of more than twenty firms to profitability. In addition to consulting other business owners to success, Casey has served as the Director of Operations for two small financial firms, primarily responsible for all tactical aspects of the day-to-day business administration.

Why You Need Him:

Through both his strategic and tactical business experience, Casey has developed the ability to identify, design, and implement actionable plans specific to your individual situation. His unique background in the Financial Industry lends to a focus on increased profitability through operations. Together with the industry expertise of our other GURUs, you will receive a holistic game-plan designed to create greater efficiency, produce higher profits, and maximize the overall experience to your customers.

What Sets Him Apart From The Rest:

Casey brings with him a unique 3rd party perspective to the industry. The term “thinking outside the box”, in his case, refers to novel and creative solutions derived from an indirect approach and looking beyond the obvious for ideas. This type of lateral thinking has provided our clients with some of the most innovative and cutting edge consultation available in the industry today. Additionally, Casey has real-life hands-on experience installing equipment, recruiting/hiring/training employees, implementing full marketing programs, and conducting both soft and grand openings.