Craig Hovan, Director of Education

Who He Is:

Craig is a training GURU with many years experience training management and staff in single and multi-unit operations.

Why He Is Qualified to Help You:

Craig has been very successful working in the corporate structure of national corporate environments.  He understands the importance and value in having systems and processes in place for success.  He is very proficient in creating and living the culture of a brand, while being savvy in profit and loss of a business.  He has been a General Manager, District Manager, Director of Operations, and Owner. He can empathize and understand all roles in business and make a true impact on any location.

Why You Need Him:

Craig has honed the skill of training and developing staff, management, and ownership. His experience in all aspects of operations and brand development promotes customer satisfaction and business profitability.  Together with the other GURUS you receive a team that is forward thinking and effective as it relates to today’s work staff and business climate.

What Sets Him Apart From The Rest:

Craig defines the word passionate in his role in the operation, and in his drive to make each client successful. This passion creates and maintains a mentality at each location that is focused on both customer service and satisfaction. Craig does not only identify opportunities; he also has solutions that work for long term change and success.