Flex Serve Start-up Case Study

Three very inexperienced partners opened the doors of their Flex Serve Car Wash on a shoe string budget.

  • They hired Wash Guru Car Wash Consultants to:
    • Select their real estate,
    • Help them acquire financing,
    • Design and build their facility,
    • Recruit/hire/train their managers and staff, and
    • Get them to profitability.
  • They did a great job building the business around their Unlimited Car Wash Membership Program.
  • They created high volume quickly with their Unlimited Car Wash Membership Program.
  • They had a high Car Wash ticket average.
  • They had a low labor cost.
  • They were profitable their third month of business.
  • They had 1,100 Unlimited Car Wash Members and washed 8,000 cars in their sixth month of business.

flex serve start-up case study
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