Multi-Unit Express Case Study

A very well-established 14-unit company opened their Express Exterior Car Wash in 2014. Their in-house real estate department wasn’t providing good real property and site information.

Here’s what happened:

  • They hired Wash Guru to help select their real estate and make sure they weren’t making several multi-million dollar mistakes.
  • They did a great job building the business around their Unlimited Car Wash Membership Program.
  • They created high volume quickly with their Unlimited Car Wash Membership Program.
  • They had an initially low Car Wash ticket average (lots of marketing).
  • They had a low labor cost.
  • They were profitable their first month of business.
  • They had over 1,000 Unlimited Car Wash Members and washed 17,000 cars in their third month of business.

multi-unit express case study
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