What We Do For Operators

“Since Rob became my trusted advisor, my labor has been reduced by 10%! During the month of his sales training, our average ticket price increased $3.00 per car from the previous two months. We continue to surprise ourselves with the success we have due to his tutelage.”

  • Perform an existing site assessment. We evaluate EVERY aspect of your operation.
  • Deliver evaluation results outlining what you can do on your own as well as what we can help you accomplish.
  • Cusomize a training plan to fit your specific needs.

How We Increase Your Volume
We will develop a complete marketing program with the most tried-and-true methods around in the car wash business.

  • Onsite advertising: menus/configuration, signage, etc.
  • Monthly unlimited washing program
  • E-commerce
  • Social media marketing (push notifications)
  • Search engine optimnization
  • E-mail mass marketing
  • Charity partnership
  • Scholastic charity program
  • Guerilla marketing

How We Increase Your Throughput
We will develop a complete production training program customized to fit your particular oparation.

  • Train your staff to process cars with extreme efficiency
  • Train your managers to manage processes efficiently
  • Train your detail department to process cars with extreme efficiency
  • Train your sales team to process customers quickly and efficiently
  • Train your tunnel personnel to process cars quickly and safely
  • All of the above is accomplished while eliminating ALL bottlenecks

How We Increase Your Ticket Average

We will develop a system of training your sales staff to unobtrusively and non-aggressively sell more services to your customers. The result is a minimum of $2.00 increase every time!

How We Improve Your Customer Service

We will develop service bearing in mind what has already worked for other operations: Southwest Airlines, Chick-Fil-A, Nordstron, etc. while only spending seconds with each customer, ensuring maximum throughput. EVERY employee on the lot has a customer service function no matter their particular level of position.

How We Decrease Your Labor:

  • Increased ticket average automatically decreases your labor considerably
  • Increased throughput efficiency reduces the need for personnel and drastically increases productivity per employee
  • Improved customer service and marketing techniques increases volume thereby decreasing your labor to sales ratio
  • We custom write an employee labor schedule for optimum service and decreased labor expenditure

Choose from a complete overhaul using all of the above or choose which of the above services you think you need the most